The Reviews Of The Hublot Oceanographic 4000 Replica Watch


For you,what's your favorate watch?TAG Heuer?Omega?We were among the first to introduce the Hublot’s diver’s watch, OCEANOGRAPHIC 4000. The watch is now officially unveiled, in association with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco!

The Hublot diver’s watch is a truly unique piece, able to withstand the pressure exerted at a depth of 4,000 meters. It took more than 18 months of research development and testing to push the limits of all possibilities and create such an extraordinary watch.

This sturdy diver’s watch is fitted with the synthetic sapphire crystal that is 6.5 thick. The case back is screw-down and crafted in titanium, a strong, lustrous, and corrosion-resistant material. Cases are available in two variations: titanium or carbon fiber, both extremely light and durable.

Hublot Oceanographic 4000 is generously coated in toxic green SuperLuminova, allowing for the accurate and easy time-telling even at the ocean depths. The dial, the flange and the hands are legible from the distance of 25 cm in the dark. As any true diver’s watch, Oceanographic 4000 uses an internal unidirectional rack-driven rotating flange with a dive time indicator. The minute scale has clearly highlighted five-minute periods. This allows for the safest possible reading method and minimizes the risk of unintentionally changing the dive time.

To ensure perfect water resistance, the watch is equipped with two screw-down crowns. The flange crown, used to set the diving time, is protected with a guard for some extra safety and easy operation. The watch also has a helium valve that allows gases that have get into the watch during the descent to safely break out during the ascent. The valve is made of stainless steel and positioned at 10 o’clock.

Oceanographic 4000 comes with two tongue and buckle straps: Town and Diver strap. The Town strap is made of black rubber while the Diver strap features a mix of rubber and nylon. The Diver strap is especially designed to be worn over an 8mm thick diver’s suit.

Techniacl Details

Reference 731.NX.1190.RX, 731.QX.1140.RX

Series Limited to 1000 pieces for the titanium version

Limited to 500 pieces for the All Black version in black carbon fibre

Case "King Power" - 48 mm diameter: Micorblasted satin-finished titanium or matt carbon fibre, Case back Micorblasted satin-finished titanium Or microblasted satin-finished titanium with black PVD

Bezel Microblasted satin-finished titanium or matt carbon fibre, 6 black PVD H-shaped titanium screws

Crystal Sapphire with anti-reflective treatment

Crown Titanium with black rubber insert or black PVD titanium with black rubber insert

Water resistance Certified to 400 ATM or 4,000 metres

Tested to 5,000 metres according to the NIHS standards

Dial Matt black, Satin-finished appliques with green or black SuperLuminova™

Hands Microblasted satin-finished with green or black SuperLuminova™

Movement Mechanical with automatic winding HUB1401,No. of components 180, Jewels 23, Barrel With reinforced spring, Escapement Glucydur hairspring, Power Reserve Approximately 42 hours

Straps Available with two straps - black rubber and rubber and nylon.

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Reviews Of The Patek Philippe Nautilus “Jumbo” White Dial 5711-1A-011 Replica Watch


In 1976, four years after the famous watch designer Gérald Genta designed the famous Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (stainless steel watch that defines the luxury sports watch category), he designed another steel sports watch: Patek Philippe Nautilus.Now,Let's talk about the Patek Philippe Nautilus “Jumbo” White Dial 5711-1A-011 replica watch.

Since then, Nautilus has been sought after by Patek Philippe collectors. Thanks to its success, Nautilus has remained largely unchanged for the past 36 years. This was an important development when Patek Philippe launched a new model at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show earlier this year, especially for Patek Philippe fans.


The dial

The model (Ref. 5711-1A-011) has the same horizontal dial pattern as the original model, which is a trademark of the Nautilus series. The current series (Ref. 5711 / 1A-010) has the same casing, movement and dimensions. The biggest change in the new version is the new silvery white dial, which is now next to the blue dial in the list.

In addition, the light emission changed from green to white. In addition, Patek Philippe uses index fingers and hands made of blackened (oxidized) gold instead of platinum index fingers and hands (such as those with blue dials). The result is a dial with perfect black and white contrast that is not only easy to read but also more sporty.

The case

The case is a slightly larger version of GéraldGenta's original design, with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 8.30 mm (43 mm including the hinge). Steel bezel (fixed), brushed and polished surfaces of case and bracelet. The crown is fully polished and decorated with a Patek Philippe cross. Flat sapphire crystal, sapphire back and screw-down crown.

Water-resistant to 120 meters. Stainless steel bracelet with folding nautilus buckle. The movement is a self-winding movement 324 SC, which provides hours, minutes, central seconds and date (three o'clock). The movement consists of 213 parts, 29 gems, 6 bridges, a Gyromax dial, a 45-hour power reserve and a 4 Hz frequency.

Final thoughts

Like the Royal Oak or the Submariner, Nautilus is the hallmark of a time-tested sports watch. Therefore, it is likely that Patek Philippe has decided to sell Jumbo with a blue dial for many years to come. However, I think their decision to add a white dial is a good decision, and the white dial is even sportier than the original dial.

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Rolex Yacht-Master 40 116695SATS Replica Watch Reviews


We saw the release of the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 116695SATS watch done in a gem-set bezel. It’s not a Rolex for the usual fan of the brand but if you’re already someone who also appreciates the non-traditional Yacht-Master 40 with the Oysterflex bracelet and aren’t afraid of some flash, then this is an interesting watch to have in a collection. You’ll remember that the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 was introduced back in 2015 and immediately stood out due to the fact that it came on the then-new rubber Oysterflex bracelet. The reaction to the bracelet was, as expected, mixed but has been popular enough with the release of the Rolex Daytona on an Oysterflex bracelet this year.



Also released this year was this Yacht-Master 40 with a remarkably well-done gem-set bezel, which is about the only “typical Rolex” trait you’ll find in this piece. Love it or hate it, its execution and quality are undeniable.

It’s inevitable, but many watch enthusiasts have an unfortunate patellar-reflex response to seeing precious stones or gems on watches. I think there are several reasons for it: the often ugly bejeweled timepiece; crappy aftermarket jobs; an unfortunate desire to distance oneself from anything “bling; as well as the fact that there are not many factory-made men’s watches done with gems that aren’t “diamond explosions” or just come off too effeminate. While it’s obvious that this piece is going to be geared towards the mainland Chinese market, I think this can be seen as a viable men’s watch in the Western market as well.

Like the non-gem model, this Yacht-Master 40 comes on the Oysterflex strap introduced in 2015. Not technically rubber, the elastomer strap is fit with a titanium nickel alloy “blade” underneath to give it a more secure fit. The strap also has the well-received “fins” underneath, which are designed to create a very small space between skin and the bracelet allowing for some flexibility during hot and cold weather. The dial is slightly different, with Rolex choosing a glossy black finish as opposed to the matte dial on the non-gem model.

Functionality isn’t affected with the functioning bi-directional bezel, it’s still a real dive watch with 100M water resistance. The double anti-reflective coated crystal and Chromalight lumed hands should make for legibility in the dark, as well. As for the movement, we still see the caliber 3135 movement found in models like the Submariner which gets 48 hours of power reserve.


The Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster replica watches introduced a couple of years ago were mostly ladies pieces, but the 39mm model was labeled just as the Datemaster which implies it’s a unisex piece. For me and many others, between the gems and diamonds on the bezel as well as the dial, it’s all a bit too much. When I look at the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 116695SATS, I see a watch that is a sports watch with gems on the bezel that still retains much the watch’s identity and DNA by leaving the dial untouched.

I think the current popularity of the practice of men’s suits being mixed up with bright and colorful ties or socks shows a propensity to add color to break up the mundane. This watch costs a lot more than a tie, but I see it much the same way. It’s the watch you wear to a party to show off your style (and bank account) without the guilt and stigma, fair or not, of fessing up to an aftermarket job to your more conservative watch collector friends.

I can’t tell if it’s just me, but I don’t find the colors on the gems to be so colorful that they are obnoxious to look at after a while. The stones are absolutely perfect and that adds a level of confidence to the playfulness of the multi-colored arrangement. Frankly, it’s not often I see factory pieces with precious stones and think to myself “I’d wear that for a whole weekend” because they are just not versatile. I don’t feel the same way here, I’d wear this piece to most day or evening events and not feel self-conscious or anxious.

If you know me, you’ll know that precious gems and colorful aesthetics aren’t really my cup of tea. That being said, there’s something about the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 116695SATS with gem-set bezel that I can’t help but appreciate. Once again, this is going to be marketed mostly to the Asian, specifically Chinese, market but I think one can pull off this watch without the baggage of a“blinged out” piece.

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The Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 TWA, PAN-AM, & Swissair ‘Capsule Collection’ Watches


Some of the most fun new Breitling watches at Baselworld 2019 (and there were enough to choose from, for sure) were part of the airline-appreciation “capsule collection” watches that came in three versions. Each is a retro-chic iteration of the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 replica watch that, itself, makes for a comfortable daily wear. Breitling honors historic relationships the Swiss watchmaker has had with airlines TWA, PAN-AM, and, of course, Swissair. Only Switzerland’s main airline is still around, but the pop-culture importance of TWA and PAM-AM are important because both have various entertainment, hospitality, and fashion products associated with their brands. Apparently, in today’s busy and uncomfortable airports, there is a burgeoning nostalgia for the “good ol’ days” of flying.

Don’t feel like you need to choose a favorite among the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 PAN- AM, TWA, or Swissair Edition watches. They are all lovely in their own way, even though their bold color palettes will, of course, not bet to everyone’s tastes. Breitling was inspired by the airline logo colors, and the visual design is directly inspired by Breitling watches from the 1970s. We can see this notably in the blocky hands, as well as the use of bright contrasting colors. What I like about each of the pieces is that they are both bold and charming, while still appearing serious and mature. Sometimes the more 1970s-era watch styles out there end up looking more fun than expensive, which makes it challenging for consumers to spend luxury-timepiece prices on them.

Price-to-value ratio is important here because the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 is not among Breitling’s lesser-priced watches. The polished steel 43mm-wide watch contains the in-house-made Breitling B01 automatic 12-hour chronograph movement that offers a nice “tri-compax” chronograph display and the date. The decorated movement is visible through the reach of the case that has the airline logo printed on the sapphire crystal. It is probably for the better that the airline logos live here on the back of the case, as opposed to on the dial sharing space with the Breitling logo. In that regard, Breitling did a nice job here.

Breitling also correctly points out that, while many watch brands have aviation/pilot-inspired watches that focus on military tradition, there are few that are related to civilian aviation history. It takes a number of years for such products to not feel overly commercial (the irony), but with these watches, you truly do not get the sense that Breitling was excited to help sell more watches because of a collaboration with TWA. Instead, it feels like Breitling had the fun idea to do something related to TWA that helped everyone involved as a result.

More specifically, looking at each of the “Civil Aviation Capsule Collection” watches, the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 PAN-AM Edition leads the pack in price with its blue and red dial, given that it comes on a matching steel mesh metal bracelet. We then have the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Swissair Edition with a black, white, and red dial (my favorite of the bunch) with a simple black nubuck leather strap. Finally, there is the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 TWA Edition that has a cream and red dial with matching brown nubuck leather strap.

What is a capsule collection in regard to these watches? Well, I think it means that they are limited-distribution watches (you likely won’t be able to buy them everywhere) that will be produced as long as both partners want them to. I don’t believe either of these watches will be produced in very high numbers, but there is a good chance they will be produced for at least a few years and with at least a few thousand pieces each. We really enjoyed wearing these fun Breitling “civil aviation” watches in the Navitimer Bo1 Chronograph 43 collection and are happy the 1970s colors are elegant enough for regular display on your wrist.

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TAG Heuer Adds Three New Women’s Aquaracer Watches


Three new models in the TAG Heuer women’s Aquaracer collection are right in line with the trend toward blue dials and straps in steel watches – mainly men’s watches — and yet classic in the sense that the women’s Aquaracer collection has been around for decades. TAG Heuer was one of the first brands to produce steel sports watches for women.

There are a lot of great tool watches for men, and the realm of diving watches, in particular, is dominated by men’s watches. If you’re a woman who likes the sports aesthetic and wants a real diver’s watch, then you already know about TAG Heuer. It was one of the first companies to start creating sports watches for women, introducing them during the sports watch craze of the late 1990s when most women’s watches were still mainly gold or gold-plated dress watches — that is, smaller versions of dress watches.

TAG Heuer was also one of the first brands to feature female athletes in its marketing, notably in its now legendary “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” marketing campaign of the mid-1990s. These women role models, who are strong both mentally and physically, were a refreshing departure from the images of glamorous or delicate women that were typical at the time in advertising. Current women ambassadors include tennis ace Petra Kvitová and model/activist Cara Delevingne.


The TAG Heuer Aquaracer collection came along in 2003, and while it has been refined since then, the basic design is still there, including the notched, angular bezel that rotates in one direction, and the large, lumed hour hands and markers. You can’t beat it for basic functionality, with a date window at 3 o’clock, a seconds hand, and 300-meter water resistance. There is even a double security clasp on the bracelet or strap.

Yet, the Aquaracer still has feminine qualities. First, it is sized to fit a smaller wrist. At 35mm, it is at the large end of the size spectrum for a women’s watch, but that makes it right on trend and still smaller than virtually all diver’s watches on the men’s side, some of which are the size of hockey pucks. Secondly, there is a mother-of-pearl dial, tinted slightly blue, with a matching blue rubber strap, which makes the watch as fashionable as it is it tough. The cross-hatch pattern on the strap is a great detail; it is designed to resemble the texture of sailing ropes. There is also a cool blue dial that is subtly engraved with a sand/wave pattern, with a matching blue rubber strap or a triple-link stainless steel bracelet. The hands and indices are rhodium-plated and coated with white Super-LumiNova, covered with a sapphire crystal. The movement is quartz.

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Introducing The Patek Philippe 5172G Chronograph


Patek Philippe has replaced their venerable Ref. 5170 Chronograph with the all-new Ref. 5172 for 2019.

The outgoing 5170G Chronograph measures 39.4 mm x 10.9 mm, has Breguet numerals, flat pushers, with a non-stepped case and lugs. Whereas the new 5172G Chronograph measures slightly larger at 41 mm x 11.45 mm, has Arabic numerals, syringe-shaped hands, a stepped case, three-tier lugs, and is visually more similar to the 5320G Perpetual Calendar that came out in 2017, than the 5170G. Although, the movement remains the same.

One of the biggest changes is that the pushers are now pump-style instead of the elongated rectangular pushers of its predecessor. And interestingly, the face of each pusher has a guilloched decoration, which seems a bit eccentric for an otherwise sports oriented-watch.

Although no matter how sporty the look is, Patek does not typically offer this chronograph in stainless steel. However, additional precious metal versions will likely follow. And perhaps if we’re lucky, they might give in and make some in steel too.

Driving the hours, minutes, small seconds, and chronograph, is the same gorgeous Patek Philippe Seal certified 4Hz manually wound caliber CH 29-535 PS movement (29.6 mm x 5.35 mm), which features a column-wheel and horizontal clutch, and has a 65-hour power reserve.

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TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford Edition For 2019 Christmas Day


This new version of the iconic Monaco was unveiled during Baselworld.  Created with a solid carbon case, an elegant full black dial and aqua blue chronograph counters. Tag heuer’s most iconic timepiece has been reinvented in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department. Presenting the Tag Heuer Monaco Bamford Edition.

Tag Heuer Monaco Bamford Edition

CEO of BWD, George Bamford needs no introduction. He pioneered the customisation of luxury watches by modernising and personalising timepieces which were already very exclusive, giving them a recognisable identity with his own ultra-modern, futuristic style.

Back in 2017, customers and fans of the Swiss brand were offered the opportunity to customise their favourite model so this is not the first collaboration with Bamford. Following the earlier success, TAG Heuer invited George Bamford to help with the design of this new series of the Monaco, which exclusively carries the Bamford name.
Signature look

George Bamford has left his mark on the legendary TAG Heuer Monaco. As one would expect, this new version still features the hallmarks of this model: the square 39-mm case and the crown positioned on the left. But now it also boasts a case made from incredibly lightweight and highly resistant carbon which is an ideal material for watchmakers.

Bamford’s signature style is evident in the chronograph counters highlighted with luminous marks on the indices and the date window, which are a magnificent aqua blue – Bamford Watch Department’s favourite shade of blue. This detail gives the timepiece a resolutely modern look which is right on-trend. The dial and the case-back are engraved with “Monaco Bamford” as a reminder of the partners in this collaboration. The whole piece is set off perfectly with an exquisite black alligator leather strap.

Technical information

Reference: CAW2190.FC6437
Case material: Carbon
Dimension: 39mm
Movement: Calibre 11
Power: 40 Hours with automatic winding
Water resistance: 100meter / 10ATM
Dial: Black opalin
Strap: Black alligator and rubber strap with folding buckle

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